Digital transformation is achieved by connected, computational processes in-house, in the cloud or in a data centre. Expensive in-house solutions that often don’t scale have meant a rise in cloud usage in recent years and now concerns over data residency and rising costs have refocused attention on data centres.
Colocation in a data centre offers a flexible option for businesses to scale their infrastructures when required. Before new in-house infrastructure or expanding cloud operations, businesses should consider the benefits of colocation.

LEUK Data Centre is uniquely provisioned to provide colocation services, and here’s why.

Reason #1: Lower cost of energy

LEUK benefits from being up to a 4mega-watt facility with almost 100% of that energy coming onsite solar and local hydroelectric power. What this means is that we can offer energy at highly competitive rates lowering operational costs for our customers.

Reason #2: Green operations

The energy at LEUK is Green and there’s an abundance of it. This enables our Data Centre customers to meet ESG targets through business-critical operations rather than resorting to peripheral carbon offsetting activity through other costly projects.

For me info about our ongoing solar project, see here.

Reason #3: Space and Flexibility

The LEUK Data Centre is unmatched in the Valais region and much of Europe. With 1000m2 available for Data Centre customer expansion and variable power densities available per rack our customers benefit from a facility that can support the scale of any colocation requirements at a competitive price point.


Reason #4: Connectivity

LEUK Data Centre is unique in the connectivity that it offers its customers. Not only do we have diverse low-latency fibre routes to the rest of Switzerland and Europe; our Teleport which provides satellite connectivity to Enterprises, Broadcasters and Governments can provide a backup, redundant alternative to terrestrial connectivity on which most Data Centres solely rely.

For more information on our connectivity capabilities please see here: Connectivity. And Beyond


Reason #5: Security

Our facility at LEUK provides services to large enterprises as well as governments for diplomatic and military purposes.
Physical security is assured with highly secure perimeter fencing, visitor screenings, video surveillance and sitewide access card readers.
Security of services is assured through redundant onsite power generation from solar and diesel generators alongside battery storage. Connectivity is assured through diverse fibre and satellite backup, which is unique to LEUK.

If you’re interested in colocation services or any other data centre service please contact us here or reach out to either or