LEUK Data Centre is unique in the connectivity that it offers its customers. Not only do we have diverse low-latency fibre routes to the rest of Switzerland and Europe; our Teleport which houses our Data Centre provides added satellite connectivity for backup and truly redundant alternative to terrestrial connectivity on which most Data Centres solely rely.


Fibre Connectivity


LEUK and its customers have benefited for some time from diverse fibre routes across multiple carriers which have provided high-speed terrestrial access to European & US internet backbones. 


Recently we’ve held a pivotal role in a new European and eventually global fibre expansion project which has provided LEUK with an ultra-low-latency fibre route to Geneva and other key cities in Switzerland. In addition to this LEUK will act as the Swiss landing point for a low-latency fibre route up from Milan making LEUK a key connectivity hub in the European fibre landscape.


Satellite Connectivity


LEUK Teleport has stood for over 50 years and is one of Europe’s leading satellite stations providing connectivity worldwide to enterprises, broadcasters, luxury/industrial maritime and government customers. LEUK’s Data Centre customers can benefit from the same pedigree of satellite connectivity which so many rely on for business-critical applications.


Satellite connectivity at LEUK, allows Data Centre customers to completely bypass any terrestrial network allowing for added, interference-free connectivity and greater redundancy.


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Watch this space for more updates on the ongoing fibre project and new satellite services launching this year that Data Centre customers can leverage for truly redundant Data Centre connectivity.


If you feel your organisation would benefit from leading connectivity as part of a Data Centre solution please contact us here.