Connectivity secured across multiple satellite footprints world-wide with diverse connectivity options in GEO, MEO and soon to be LEO technologies.

Green Power

Leuk’s satellite connectivity is powered by 100% Green energy from local Hydro & onsite solar energy.

Expert Multilingual Team

Benefit from a deeply experienced network monitoring team at our NOC in Leuk.

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World-Class Teleport

55 Antennas across C-Band, Ku & Ka Bands with visibility on all satellites from 70E to 55W

Diverse terrestrial fibre connectivity across multiple tier 1 carriers with speeds totaling more than 200Gbps

C-band protected from 5G interference by the Swiss telecom regulators with added natural protection across all frequency bands due to local topography


Fully redundant power from stored green energy and onsite power generation combined with diverse fibre routes assures uninterrupted connectivity to vessels, their applications, crew and guests.

The Latest Technologies

Our team are experts at understanding superyacht applications and their requirements.

Our technology partnerships allow us to source the best antenna and modem pairings, capable of meeting all connectivity requirements whilst maintaining an ever shrinking formfactor requiring less energy to run and decluttering the vessel.

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