Throughout 2022 Signalhorn’s flagship facility in Leuk, Switzerland is undergoing an ambitious solar project, utilising unoccupied space to generate large volumes of green energy for the critical operations of our Satellite and Data Centre customers. This project will not only power our facility but will also empower our customers to achieve their sustainability objectives through business-critical operations.

This post will be updated regularly with the ongoing works happening at Leuk so watch this space as we bring you updates on bespoke solar solutions built uniquely for a world-class teleport with the help of our partners on the project, CKW AG.


Phase One

November 2021 – Full Solar Capacity installed on our roof


Phase one was completed late afternoon on the 29th of November with the final panel installed on the roof of our main building at Leuk. After months of preparation realised in just three days, we started delivering green energy to Teleport & Data Centre customers with immediate effect.

See below a time lapse of the installation.

Phase Two

Leveraging Antennas


Phase Two marks a joint first for the solar power and teleport industries. At Leuk, we’re fortunate to have over 50 antennas serving customers on C-Band, Ku & Ka-Band frequencies. The oldest of these antennae are Leuk 1, Leuk 2 and Leuk 3. Constructed in the 1970s, these now legacy C-Band antennas measure 32m in diameter, equating to 3,216m2 in surface area which we’ve worked with CKW to transform into solar-powered real estate that can track the movement of the sun throughout the day.

Leuk 2 is the first antenna in this project and the world to undergo this process.


May 2022 – Solar panel installation starts



Watch this space for updates on Leuk’s Solar Project.