LEUK 1 our company’s first 32m C-band antenna was constructed in 1973 allowing for the first time, satellite phone calls between Switzerland and the USA.

Since 1973 LEUK has grown into one of Europe’s largest and most capable Teleports. Our facility in Leuk now hosts over 90 antennas 55 of the majority of which are over 8 metres in diameter and operate across C, Ka & Ku bands. Of these antennae, 40 of them are wholly owned by LEUK operating satellite services to a range of customers worldwide.


We’ve already utilised an unused 32 metre C-Band antenna, Leuk 2 to expand our onsite solar capabilities which power our satellite and new data centre services with 100% green energy.


Today we’re focused on providing world-class, green, satellite services from established and new LEO / MEO technologies. As part of this vision, we’ve been supporting leading satcom companies to maintain and expand their networks by capitalising on the investments that have been made in Leuk over the last 50 years.


We have multiple antennas primed for customer use alongside 7 acres (28,000m2) of land for customer expansion all benefitting from low-latency, terrestrial fibre, low-cost green energy and now data centre services for hosting networking applications.


If you’re interested in learning more about LEUK’s offerings in antennas and business-empowering real estate please contact us.