Sat@Sea Summary

Sat@Sea, headquartered in Dubai with a branch office in Viareggio, Italy is a leading euro­pean provider of internet, television and cyber security to superyachts.

LEUK’s teleport in, Switzerland powers Sat@Sea’s VSAT services, providing internet connectivity to a fleet of over 80 superyacht vessels.


Customer challenge

  • Sat@sea require an exceptionally high level of service and reliablility from their satellite internet partner to set itself apart from other superyacht providers.
  • This need includes realtime, 24/7 support from engineers who understand the vessel’s applications and can communicate solutions directly to crew as well as Sat@Sea staff.
  • Sat@sea’s superyacht customers also need their contract to be flexible, accomodating short notice requests to increase or decrease bandwidth during peak and quieter times.

The Solution

Sat@Sea is serviced by our world-class teleport in Leuk, Switzerland. Powered by 99% green energy, with full redundancy measures, Leuk assures reliable connectivity across multiple satellites to all of Sat@Sea’s vessels.

Alongside leading facilities, sits LEUK’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) which provides exceptional 24/7 engineering support to Sat@Sea and their vessels. It’s here that engineering teams understand applications critical to the running of a superyacht, identifying potential issues before they arise.

Our NOC regularly perform ad-hoc re-allocation of bandwidth for vessels, dynamically increasing or decreasing MIR and CIR within 5 minutes of the request being submitted.


“We are very proud to work with the LEUK team, they are professional with excellent technical skills. Their teleport guarantees the best level of reliability for demanding customers like ours.”Marino Paladini, CCO, Sat@Sea


VSAT services provides high data rates globally

Shared access on Ku-band footprints form satellites such as Yamal 402, Astra 3B & Express AMS

Ultrafast 5G & 4G provided for onshore and close off-shore connectivity

Connecting the waves

Bleu De Nimes, the 72m superyacht benefits from LEUK connectivity